Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Appearance

Have you ever drove past a business and known they are successful just by that first glance you had at their exterior? You haven’t even gone inside, but you are sure that their products and services are top notch. This is the first impression you want your prospective customers to have when they go past your location. All it takes to create this image is curb appeal. Just like with your own house, you want your business to look its best from the road.


A well-kept lawn and the pop of color that flowers provide will make people feel at home as they approach your business. Use trees in large spaces. If your store front doesn’t offer this much room, consider planters placed on each side of the door. Simple urns filled with blossoms and greenery look best. If you need help caring for your landscaping, the lawn maintenance

Kitchen Flood: How to Respond to Structural Damage

You turned on the faucet or activated the dishwasher, and now there’s a flood soaking your kitchen floor. Don’t panic because your homeowner’s insurance might cover the recovery costs. Take a deep breath and learn how to correctly respond to a household emergency. Specific steps will lead you to a gorgeous kitchen afterward.

Fix the Damage Source First

No recovery efforts can occur if the damage source is still operating. Shut off your water, and call a plumber. Leaking pipes must be repaired so that further moisture doesn’t saturate the kitchen. If the kitchen still has some water on the floor, try to drain it out. The repairs can be quickly reached and fixed with easy access to the pipes. Most plumbers will work with you to create an affordable fix during an emergency situation.

Hire a Remediation Team

Plumbers will fix your pipes, but the surrounding damage isn’t part …