The Great Evolution of Home Alarm Systems

The classic image of the oversized “alarm bell” ringing in a bank after a robbery appears time and time again in old movies. By today’s standards, the alarm systems of the 1930’s and 1940’s seem almost ridiculous. At the time, these alarm systems were cutting edge. As the years progressed, variations of alarm systems intended for home use came into being. Video cameras capable of recording images on time-lapse tape emerged. Video reflected a tremendous leap for home security. Not only could cameras assist in deterring intruders, but the recorded images also captured evidence of the crime. The recordings helped with prosecutions of the guilty and the recovery of stolen merchandise.

Modern home alarm systems reflect the continued growth and evolution of security devices. In today’s security landscape, home alarms provide even more security-boosting features than what people only imagined only 10 years ago.

Hardwired No More

Modern alarm systems …