How to Get Rid of Kitchen Drain Odors

Drain odors cause many complaints from the family and create difficulty when it’s time to prepare meals and sit down and enjoy the food. Many different foods come together in the kitchen and the results are oftentimes unpleasant odors coming from the drain. The garbage disposal is handy, but a primary culprit of drain odors. Luckily, you won’t need plumbing services Dallas TX to rid the kitchen of these foul odors. A plethora of at home drain odor removal techniques are available for you to use to keep the odors at bay -and the plumbers away.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

The easiest solution for foul kitchen odors is regular kitchen sink cleaning. It is simple to wipe down the sink after dishwashing is complete. This removes any leftover foods or dirt particles that could cause odor if left behind. While cleaning the sink, wipe down the inside of the garbage …