4 Ways to Become a Better Handyman


It’s tough out there for a handyman. However, you can boost your business prospects if you dedicate yourself to self-improvement. Here are just four tips for being better at your job.

1. Educate Yourself

Depending on your state and your profession, you might not need a license to practice. However, it’s always worth it to improve your mastery of your skills. Even if you aren’t going for an official certification or accreditation, you can learn new and valuable things when you take a training course.

2. Upgrade Your Equipment

If you’re still using the tools that your father passed down to you when you first took over the family business, it’s time to make a change. It’s fine to hang up that old hammer for sentimental value, but when it comes to actually working as a repair professional, you should only be using high-quality equipment. Your customers will expect …

Could Good Design Make a Difference in Your Community?

There are many things that come together to make a community work successfully, from civic planning and infrastructure to the everyday experiences of the people that live there. If you care about your community, you probably put at least a little bit of thought into how you can work to improve it. After all, the community in which you live affects almost every aspect of your daily life. One thing that you may not have considered when thinking about how you can make your community better is the way in which design can improve the way a community functions.

For example, one thing that pretty much everyone who drives, bikes, takes public transportation, or walks in a community thinks about the transportation infrastructure. You may just take this for granted, but the truth is that good transportation design can make the difference between a happy, bustling community and one that …