Tips to Stay Healthy As You Travel

The last thing that you want to do while on vacation is get sick. You want to relax and enjoy your vacation. What is worse than getting a little stomach bug on vacation is contracting a serious ailment that actually causes major health problems later on down the line. Unfortunately, mosquito borne illnesses and other sicknesses that you can pick up while traveling have the potential to cause major health issues. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy as you travel.

Take time to research the area where you will travel. This is something that is important to do even if you are traveling in the United States, Canada, or Europe. You want to find out about sicknesses and illnesses that exist in the area. For example, there are some places that are known for mosquito borne illnesses. And while it is true that a variety of treatments …

Home Decorating Tips for Fall Season

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing colors. The air feels crisp. Everyone starts to fall in love with all things pumpkin related. Fall really is a sweet time of year. Knowing this, it’s always nice to make sure reflects the beauty of the season. Consider these three awesome ways you can decorate your home for the fall.

1. Centerpieces

Look around at all of the flat surfaces in your home. Whether it’s the countertop in the kitchen or the coffee table in the living room, you can use those surfaces as your playground to decorate. You can choose to make your own centerpieces with faux leaves that reflect the beauty of NH in the fall. You can add water to a bowl. Add a few floating candles in fall colors. Set the glass bowl on a stunning charger for a beautiful, cohesive look.

2. Scents

Scents …