Why Buy New Furniture for Your New Home

Buying a new home can be an exhilarating time for first-time home buyers. Filling it with what was formerly in the old apartment or rented house can seem cost-effective. Another thought might revolve around the idea that using the old furniture can make the new place look and feel more like home almost immediately. There are reasons why buying new furniture can work out better in the long run, however.

Some pieces of furniture, even well-built ones by major, well-known companies, find themselves placed on safety recall lists. Such has been the case with numerous cribs and reclining chairs. Both of these standard furniture items have been involved in the deaths of several children over the last few years. Because of these tragedies, many of them have also been listed as unlawful to resell or pass on to others as free ‘starters’ or gifts.

Also, furniture that your family has …